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Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Break Zoo Trip

The kids always love a visit to the zoo! Cade has been asking for months to go back :). Well, it's finally spring break, and all 5 are us are heading to the zoo to see our "old favorites", and to check out some new exhibits, too!
"Cat Country" = our first stop. The new lion and one of the new lionesses was out. Cade was super excited! Here is a picture of one of the beautiful tigers...
 A "regular" jaguar, and a black jaguar...
 The 3 cutest kiddos I know!
 Inside the new dinosaur exhibit...
The T-Rex and Triceratops were very realistic! The T-Rex had "blood" on his teeth and claws from the "attack", and you could see the Triceratops' movement still breathing... cool!
 The grizzly bears have been in the pool playing - up close & personal :) - the last few times we've been. This is always a favorite stop...
 The camel rides are new, too... very neat!
 Hudson (7), Cade (5), Callie (2), Mommy
 "Daddy's Little Sunshine" wouldn't look at the camera for a picture :)
 The sea lions are a must-see each time we visit...
 One of the eagles was in the pool taking a bath!

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Brandi said...

We're going to have to plan a visit just to go to the zoo with you guys - The bears and the dino's! weren't there when we left last year!