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Friday, November 20, 2009

The After-Party

Hudson & Cade had a great time playing and celebrating with family & friends at their birthday party. They had an equally good time opening gifts after the party... :)

Baby sister didn't make it too long :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Birthday Party

More birthday pictures...

Monday, November 16, 2009


Hudson and Cade celebrated their birthdays together this year with a party on Halloween! What fun!

Hudson had a mountain of baseball cupcakes with his #5 at its peak. Cade had a tree of football cupcakes with a #3 at the tip-top. They even had pinatas in the shapes of a 5 and 3. How cool!

All of our guests came in costume. Can you guess who they are?!

Here's the whole crew together... We tried, anyway!

Thanks, everyone, for coming! We had super birthdays this year!

Friday, November 13, 2009


WOW! Our little boy is three-years-old today! I can't believe how much he has changed, and is growing so fast! When he was first-born, he looked just like his older brother. He quickly morphed into his own being, though, with his own look & personality.
We've been blessed with good babies... Here is our precious Cade as a newborn.

By age one, our little blonde boy was a real go-getter with huge personality!

Look at how much Cade changed between ages one & two! He's a little boy already! He didn't keep that chubby, full, toddler look for very long.

Such a big boy, but still our baby, too. This is Cade on Hudson's birthday this year.
Cade is still our Jekyll & Hyde baby. He can turn on a dime! He's so sweet & thoughtful when he wants to be, but puts the "terrible" in two's & three's also. You gotta love him!

Football-man! He loves, loves, loves sports, and the more physical, the better! He's a smart, little man, too. He's begun to really enjoy books. He gets into one, and wants to read it over & over! One of his favorites right now is about a "lucky" fox & piglet. On one page it reads how the fox opened his door & saw a "delicious-looking piglet". I love to hear him "read" this page... (in his loudest, one-volume voice) "Fox opened de door and saw a dewicious-wooking pigwet"! Too cute...


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

October 15th

Ok, so I'm WAAAAY behind on blogging... Going to try to play catch-up! :)

Hudson's 5th birthday was October 15th, and, boy, did he have a great day! He's been waiting for this day, and he enjoyed every minute of it!

Cade & I took birthday cookies to preschool for him to share with his friends at snack time.

It was a Thursday, so he got to stay for Afterschool Care.
(He thought Afterschool Care would be the coolest thing in the world, so Howie & I gave in and let him stay one day/week. He LOVES it! It's a treat for him, and it wears him out, so it's a treat for us, too! ha!)

(Thanks, Ms. Brandi, for these two pics!)

Cacki, Papa Ross, and Grandma Carnese came to visit with a special birthday cake. How cool is that?!

Hudson had a super birthday filled with wonderful birthday wishes from his WHOLE family! Thanks, everyone, for remembering Hudson on his special day. He's looking forward to his birthday party!!!