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Sunday, October 31, 2010


Halloween 2010...
Hudson had run fever most of the weekend, so he wasn't quite 100% while we were out & about, but he enjoyed trick-or-treating nonetheless. He was very excited about being a police officer, and wants to play that all the time with his brother now. (I think it's something about boys & "weapons" - ha!) He was very funny about going to some houses... He wanted to trick-or-treat in different places, but, at the same time, he said we couldn't go to this house or that house because we didn't know those people. (I guess it's good that he's taking at least some of what he's told to heart :) I assured him that since Mommy & Daddy were with him that it was OK, and we'd check all our candy before we ate any of it. (What a cautious little man... I hope he'll always ere on the side of caution, listen to his instincts, and watch out for his brother & sister, too.) Hudson's favorite part was getting to use his flashlight when it started getting dark.
Cade was just full-speed, straight ahead, 100% GO!
He was the first one to the door, and would stare in the door to watch for someone coming! ha! (We had to tell him to back up so they could open the door and he could say "trick-or-treat!") Cade really liked being a policeman, too, and using his flashlight later in the evening. He enjoyed passing out candy at home with his brother, too. He would look out the door and say, "I think we got s'more folks comin'!" (silly fellow!)
Callie was our sweet, little Tinkerbell.
She only played with the feather clip in her hair some, and she didn't pull her wings off any on Halloween! (She got a hold of them a time or two the weekend before at the costume party :) At 13 months, she really just wanted to play with the candy packages - shake & crinkle them - in her bucket, and she was a happy girl!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween preview

Our neighbor had a costume party for his October birthday, so the kids got to try out their Halloween costumes a little early. The boys were super excited!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

School Award

Hudson was actually sick on the day this was presented at school, but he was so proud of it when he was able to bring it home...
...and we are extraordinarily proud of you, too, baby boy!
Good job! Keep up the good work!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall Fun

This past week I've enjoyed some "Fall fun" with all three kiddos!
On Tuesday, I went with Hudson and all the Kindergarten students on a field trip to the ZOO! We always enjoy the zoo :)
On Wednesday, at the preschool, Cade walked out to a pumpkin "patch", and a class friend brought some animals for the kids to see. Cade was very excited to pick a pumpkin, and he loves animals!
After the morning fun at the preschool, Cade, Callie, & I went to Cacki & Papa's to learn about farming & to pick cotton with the Kindergarten boys & girls there that were coming to visit.
What a great time of year!

Friday, October 15, 2010


Our first baby boy is SIX years old! My how time really does fly! I remember his first birthday so vividly, and now here we are celebrating #6! He's been on Fall break the week of his birthday, so he's celebrated most of the week! ha! Here are some snapshots of our fun...
His hunting license that he is so proud of
Sister wanted in on the camera-action :)
A Tennessee football jersey in his favorite color
A football night out with Daddy
His camouflage/hunting birthday cake
A birthday party at the bowling alley with family & friends... The kids had a great time!
Opening "awesome" gifts
Hudson & Cade having a little fun with a big bow :)
Hudson has had a wonderful 6th birthday. He's celebrated with family & friends, and has enjoyed every minute! Thanks, everyone!

Hudson - You are such a special little boy! You dearly love your family & friends. You are growing & maturing into a very well-rounded young man. Mommy & Daddy are so proud of you! Cade & Callie are thrilled to be able to call you their big brother. They really look up to you. We all love you so, so much, and always want what is best for you. May you always feel our love, God's love & God's blessings.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Lot of Walking

That's riiight... There's been a whole lot of walking going on at our house this weekend! Callie has officially decided to let go & walk on her own. She's been so funny about it, and has insisted on going about it in her own little way. There has been no typical walking from Mommy to Daddy, etc. She'll just be playing, and you'll turn around and she's walked out into the middle of the floor. Or I've been vacuuming and all of a sudden, Callie is taking off from one room to the next. What an independent baby girl!!
Ok, I know... I have to explain the second picture :) I got our Fall & Halloween stuff out this weekend. This is a Halloween mask that "laughs" when you push the nose. The boys think it's great, and, needless to say, Callie does, too! And the clothes... well, while sitting at the supper table, Callie decided she no longer wanted her shirt on, so she pulled her arms out of the sleeves. ha! (smart little cookie!)