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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Callie - 22 months

22 months old earlier in July, and boy, does this little girl have personality!
She insists she's as big as her brothers... with their baseball helmet on, and Daddy's glove, she's ready to play ball!
 Taking comfort on the couch just like Hudson did after his surgery...
 Being a "little chef" just like Hudson & Cade, to help Mommy in the kitchen...
 She's silly & creative, too... under the rug with a fly swat & calculator?!
 She likes to dress up like a baseball player, a chef, and a cowgirl, too! Yee-hah!
 And do we have a blossoming artist in our midst? She's found her way into the Desitin AGAIN! She unscrewed the top this time and helped herself. Not only did she "lotion" herself up with it, she decorated the furniture in her room, too!
One rotten little girl...
Callie's vocabulary is through the roof now, too! It's almost getting harder to understand her sometimes because she knows so many words!
We are so proud of you, Callie, and love you so very much!! You are such a blessing to our family, and you make us smile every day :)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

TV in bed

With big brother not up yet, these two are enjoying a little TV...

Friday, July 29, 2011

Recovery Period

As expected, Hudson was a very good patient at home, and we were fortunate enough to have no complications. A two-week recovery time is a long time to "take it easy", even for the best of patients :) 
On the first afternoon home, Hudson did a lot of sleeping. Daisy sat with him some :)
Hudson was all for laying around on the couch, sipping on milkshakes, & watching movies. Sister even joined him some!
 After 24-48 hours, Hudson was beginning to smile & want to be more "involved" in what was happening around the house... like working remotes :), and helping out in the kitchen!
 Daddy had to go to Texas for a day or two during the recovery time, so it was just Mommy & the three kiddos. They were great, though :) The boys slept in the play room one night, & Callie joined them to watch TV the next morning.
And we headed to the movies one afternoon to get out of the house. (It was the new Winnie the Pooh movie :) We all enjoyed it!
 At Hudson's 2-week check-up, he got an excellent report! Could hardly tell he'd had surgery, and he was cleared to resume normal activity! Way to go, Hudson!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tonsillectomy #2

Yes, we've been in for the second tonsillectomy in two years. (Cade had his removed last spring.) After too many cases of strep to count during the past 13 months, this sweet boy is going in to get those tonsils (& adenoids, too) out!
Hudson was pretty nervous going in, worrying about the "sleepy medicine" and if it would hurt... but he was so big on the morning of surgery. He walked back to the operating area with the doctors & nurses like such a big boy! We were so proud of him! And since he loves milkshakes & movies, we're counting on a pretty good patient afterward.
We love you, buddy! Mommy & Daddy promise to take good care of you!
A pre-op pic (I'm surprised he smiled!)
 A post-op pic... on the way home.
I can't tell you how much I love that he is 6 years old & Pooh Bear is still a comfort :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

A pergola!

And, now, a pergola to go over (& partially shade :) our new patio! I'm super pumped!! 
*I have to give credit to my dear hubby who worked very hard on this project & did an excellent job! Thanks, honey!*

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Movie Time!

Kids are really into watching movies on "net-clicks" :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy July 4th!

We had so much fun at Aunt LuLu's and Uncle Keith's on Monday, July 4th! What an awesome way to celebrate with family & friends...
... with a huge blow-up water slide! Everybody joined in on the fun!
It wasn't really Callie's favorite activity of the day, though...
Callie loved the "cozy coupe"! (The other kids did, too :)
 Hudson, aren't you a little too big for that? Silly boy... And sweet, little miss Callie is blowing kisses to everyone as she drives away...
 Check out these two big cheesers! And the leg hanging out the car door... ha!
There were horseshoes, ladderball, playing catch...
 ...not to mention very cool fireworks...
 ...and water balloons, too!
What a spectacular 4th of July! Thanks for hosting Aunt LuLu & Uncle Keith!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fireworks in Millington

We are very excited that Ryan, Karen, Mia & Eli are in town for the holiday weekend! The whole Freeman crew got together at FBC Millington to celebrate our country's independence with music & fireworks. Everyone, especially all the kids, had a great time! What a wonderful, family night out!
Getting ready for fireworks...
Callie spotted some "teats" (treats :)
Cade liked to stay close during the fireworks show this year... Can you tell it was a hot night out?!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

All Stars

Hudson made the T-ball All Star team this year. He was uber-thrilled! And because our regular season team finished in 1st place, Howie was asked to coach the All Star team. The All Star team played its first weekend of tournament ball this weekend. These boys practiced hard, and played hard. We didn't advance to any further tournaments, but we are super proud of each player and their supportive families. Speaking of supportive families, Hudson had the whole crew supporting him this Saturday - Gran & G, Cacki & Papa, Uncle Grumpy & Aunt Sweetie, Mia & Eli, Uncle Ru-Ru & Aunt Sa-Sa, Andi Cate, Brooks, & Jesse, Aunt Lu-Lu, Maddox & Wesley, Daddy, Mommy, & Cade. Wow! We can't thank everyone enough for being there, & cheering on Hudson and his team. 
 Wouldn't trade that smile for anything :)