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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Callie at 10 months

This month, Callie is 10 months old... oh my!
She's finally getting enough hair for a bow (sweet!)
She is a tongue twister!!
She's getting her two upper teeth :) (teeth #4 & #5)
Her new favorite word is "uh-oh!" (too cute!)
She's using sign language for EAT, MORE, and has signed PLEASE once... for icing!
She jibber-jabbers all the time! (what a talker!)... but her first language is "growl"... HA! (I guess when you have two older brothers who growl at you a lot, that's what you do back :)
She can open the cabinets, and loves to get into mischief!
She will put ANYTHING in her mouth! (She's even pulled a tag off a burp cloth & swallowed it!...scary!)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 4, 2010

We had a nice, relaxing 4th of July weekend.
We had planned a last-minute trip out-of-town, but Hudson has still been recovering from 3 weeks of off & on sick, so we decided to stay home. (Plus Callie has not been 100% either.)
We cooked out & enjoyed the company of our neighbors on Sunday the 4th. The evening was capped off with fireworks, of course :) On Monday the 5th, we spent the day in Bells. We always enjoy visiting with our family! We swam, ate out on Cacki's new patio, and watched more fireworks! Hooray!
Howie, Hudson, Andi Cate, Cade
Papa & Callie
Ru-Ru & Jesse

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dinosaurs in Brighton

That's right! There is now official evidence of dinosaurs in Brighton, TN! Our neighbors have been putting a pool in their backyard. While digging one day, the pool guys made an important discovery... dinosaurs bones! An expert from the Pink Palace Museum was called out to evaluate the discovery. Turns out it's a jaw bone & teeth from a dinosaur relative to the mastadon, called a trilophodon. There's never been a discovery like this anywhere in this area... how cool! He was very impressed with how well preserved the bones & teeth are. We were able to go check it out before all the news coverage began. Here are our pictures...
This is the best one, I think... You can see the teeth so clearly! It's almost like they still have an enamel-like surface on them!
This is the jaw bone. It broke a little when it was found. They say the wish-bone shape is indicative of the trilophodon.
Here's Callie Jewel in the jaw bone :) This picture was really an afterthought... how many times in your child's life will they get to be so up close to real dinosaur bones?! and get to touch it?! found across the street from where you live?! When Cade went over to see, he kept looking around asking, "Where's the dinosaur?" ha! Hudson thought they were really neat :)
We figured it was pretty cool news for the local area, but had no idea what national attention the discovery would receive! Channels 3 & 5 covered it locally - 3 even showed all the neighborhood kids out digging for their own discovery! It was very cute. (We have it recorded because the boys are on it, and at the end, Hudson says, "I found a big rock!") NBC's nightly news covered the story & FOX news channel morning show did, too. Very cool!
So... there you have it... that's it... Proof that real dinosaurs once roamed this Earth right where we live!