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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tooth #2

Hudson pulled his second tooth today (again during nap time :)! He is super-excited, and the "big tooth" is already visible. He's looking forward to another tooth fairy visit!

Turning 5

Apparently, my little Cade-o is fascinated by turning 5-years-old (which he won't do until his birthday in another 7 months!!). Anyway, here are a few of his recent comments...

**While swinging outside: "Mom... When I'm 5, I won't have to have anybody push me on the swing anymore. I can do it all by myself! But if I ask 'em to (push me), they will."

**During church: "Mom... When I'm 5, will I be the same? the same Cade? Will I still be a kid?"

And here are a few recent pictures of how he plays... LOVES his animals dearly, and is very particular with them...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Spring!

The first day of Spring 2011, and it is a beautiful day!!
Pretty in pink for church...
Then it's outside to play, and enjoy the wonderful weather...

Friday, March 18, 2011

Cade's Trike-a-thon

Cade's preschool held a St. Jude Trike-a-thon today. It was actually planned back in the Fall, but, in light of Lucy's recent diagnosis (She is a student at the preschool, as well), they completed the event in Lucy's honor! It was wonderful! 
All of the TCA students, preschool through 2nd grade, learned about riding safety each day during the week. On Friday, they were given the chance to practice those skills in the Trike-a-thon, and raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Some of Brighton High School's students from the FFA and Softball team were there to help out. They did a great job walking (or running!) with the kids to be sure everyone put safety first and practiced good riding skills. It really was a well-planned & well-executed event. I was very proud to be part of our community on this day specifically!
I have to say a VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to our family & friends who sponsored Cade in the event. He didn't really fully understand the fundraising side of the event, but Howie & I do... and what a great cause it is! St. Jude is a special place - working toward miracles every day, helping children & their families live with & overcome cancer. He rode for about 40 minutes of the hour that was allotted for his age group. Way to go, Cade!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cade the Superstar!

Not only is Cade the only child NOT sick this week, but this past weekend, while at his grandparents' house with all of his cousins, he was told he was the "star" for showing such excellent behavior. Go Cade! And he's been pretty wonderful this week at home, too :)

My two "sicklies"

Yes, it's true... the strep bug is visiting our house again. Hudson, poor fella, just can't seem to shake it this year. He'd never had strep at all before March of 2010. Including this case, he's tested positive for it 6 times now. Think it might be time to consult the ENT :( On a good note, though, he isn't usually too awfully sick with it. Yes, his tonsils enlarge, throat gets a little sore, and he runs a short-term low-grade temp, but he bounces back really quickly once he starts his antibiotic.
This is Callie's 2nd round of strep. Her first being in early February of this year - the last time Hudson had it, too. She was with me when I took Hudson in to the doctor, so we checked her, too, basically just for good measure :) Oh, well... they're at least enjoying being sick together!! haha!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Our birthday

This year, Howie & I actually had a night out - a whole overnight out - for our birthday. We went downtown to the Kid Rock concert (w/ Jamey Johnson). Howie (if you couldn't tell :) picked the event, but we had a great time. Kid Rock puts on an awesome concert, and people watching at events like that is an added bonus :) Some friends of ours went with us (the Smith's) and agreed it was one of the best concerts they'd seen. No pictures to show (there rarely are of the two of us :), but
  Happy Birthday, honey!! Looking forward to many more celebrations together!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Callie = 18 months!!

Oh, my... this little girl is a mess, and totally rotten!! Can't believe she is 18 months old... half-way to next birthday, #2! 
Let's see... how can I best describe her now?
**New words: shoe, door, George (the cat), Daisy (sounds like Daddy)
**New phrase: "Let's see"... I was carting her through the grocery store one day and I kept glancing at my list then moving on to the next item. I'd say, "Let's see...", and she'd repeat, "Let's see..." Now it's become a common phrase :)
**I've described her to friends & family as a human tornado. She pulls out everything and drops it along her path as she sweeps through the house. On a good day, you can get her to put a few things "ba" (back).
**She is very mischievous!! She likes to get into the dog's food & water, and even try a bit out for herself. She's dumped the salt shaker on the kitchen table twice. At any given moment, you can find her trying to access the computer. And watch out if she ever gets her hands on a remote or cell phone. Haha!
**Callie is fearless! On the play set outside, she goes up the ladder and down the slide - all by herself! She flies off the bottom of the slide, landing in the pine bark, and laughing all the way.
Trying out one of Mommy's shoes
Sitting on the pull toy
Dragging out dolls & stuffed animals for a floor palette
Such a sweet, little, innocent face :)
Callie Jewel - You are so much fun, and so challenging, every day! We love you so very much!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Conversations with Cade

Oh, Little Cade-o... He is such a funny fellow... so serious about everything he talks about (especially his animals!). Here are some memorable conversations with him lately...

**His night-night prayer one night: "Dear God, I hope that everybody has a good day tomorrow and that nobody makes a bad choice because that would be a bad day. Then they would have to go to Mrs. Susan's office (the preschool director) and that's a baaaad place! Yep, that would be a BAD day!"

**Another night-night prayer: "Dear God, I'm glad there's no monsters in Mrs. Joy's house (his preschool teacher). And thank you for houses that don't fall down... but the walls of Jericho did!!! (a recent Bible story - obviously one he liked :) The soldiers, they walked around and around those big walls for seven days and (whispering) they didn't say a word! But when the trumpet sound... BOOM! They all fell down!"

**He uses his word "big-un" a lot... like "Momma! Look at this big-un french fry!" (in his best country accent, of course) or "That's a big-un horse right there, Momma!"

**Recently, the kids rode with us for a stop at the funeral home. My brother-in-law's father passed away, so we wanted to be there to support my sister & her husband. We've never taken them to a funeral home before (and wouldn't unless necessary), but the boys have heard us talk about "funeral homes" and "passing away" due to the deaths of great-grandparents. None of our discussions have become too in depth. We've just tried to explain as best we can that these loved ones are living with Jesus now and we go/visit to say good-bye, as well as answering any questions they might ask. Anyway... we had dropped by the funeral home with the kids, and Howie had taken them to the back where they couldn't "see" anything, plus that's where their uncle/aunt were, while I went through the line to pay condolences to the rest of the family. When I got back to Howie, the kids, and some of our other family there, Cade whispered, "Mom, I need to ask you something." So I leaned down for him to whisper in my ear. He asked, "Are we going to Heaven now?" Special boy... we had come to say good-bye & he was ready to go... Sweet, innocent angel

He is such a precious little boy, and wow, has he grown and begun to mature this year! 
We are so proud of you, Cade-o! There is no one like you! We love you so, so much!!