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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Yes! Can you believe it? It's snowing in Brighton, Tennessee!

Hudson got up this morning, came downstairs to the kitchen where his Daddy was eating breakfast, and whispered excitedly, "Daddy, it's snowing outside!" Then walked softly into our room whispering, "Mommy... Mommy... Mommy... Do you know what it's doing outside? It's snowing!" as he lifted up the blinds for me to see. What a super surprise for him this morning! He's been wanting & waiting for it to snow. When Cade got up I asked him what was happening outside and he responded, "It's rainin' out dere." Well now he knows what snow looks like!

After breakfast, we bundled up & went outside to play in the snow while it was still snowing. Most of the big flakes were gone, but snow was still falling. Cade kept staring at his boots after they got covered in snow. Hudson didn't care what he was doing as long as he was outside in the snow. Daisy had a big time, too!

I tried to shoot some video. I don't know how to download video from my new camera yet, so I have some on our regular camera, too. It's a little dark, and for some reason you can't hear anything, but you can see the boys playing when they first went outside. Hudson even stuck out his tongue to "catch" some snow!

Who knows? Maybe we'll get a BIG snow before winter is over... at least enough for a snowman!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Christmas, three

Christmas with the Freeman's was spectacular, as well! Everyone gathered together on 12-26 to celebrate family and the season. Again, we had a fabulous meal, then it was on to MORE PRESENTS!

There were...
...super-cute raincoats!

... and kids that looked super-cute in them! (I think Mia wore hers all morning!)

... cool chef's hats.

... and an awesome fireman's uniform for Maddox!

Even the babies, Eli & Wesley, enjoyed Christmas with the family!

Most importantly, no matter the time of year, it was great to be together as a family, visiting and enjoying each other's company.

Thanks for all the wonderful gifts, too! :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas, two

On Christmas Eve, we shared Christmas with the Via family. We all gathered at Cacki & Papa's house for a wonderful brunch and gifts. As soon as we got there, it was everyone to their usual places - Hudson & Andi Cate wanted to "watch something", and Cade couldn't get enough of "the baby", Jesse.

After greetings & eating, it was on to the PRESENTS! The little ones all did really well taking turns and helping each other while still having lots of fun. There was...
... a dinosaur umbrella (with matching rain boots).

... pirate rain boots (with a matching umbrella).

... and even a shiny, red tricycle!

Perhaps the most fun of all, though, was had not from a gift itself, but with the BOX in which it came! Ha! Hudson & Andi Cate had the best time playing in a mailbox box. They even gave Curtis a workout, too. He lifted them in & out and upside down!

We had a GREAT time together, but we missed Brooks who was home sick. (poor fella) We'll make up for it next year! :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


... And what a very, merry Christmas it was! It was absolutely great to be home and celebrating with all our family throughout the holiday season. It's taken a little while (obviously) to get all my pictures downloaded and back to our blog, but I knew it would be here whenver I got back. We've really just been thoroughly enjoying our time together. :)

The boys anticipated Christmas quite calmly this year actually. They were excited, but not out-of-control and they didn't have a long list of toys (although you couldn't tell it by looking under the Christmas tree! ha!). Hudson had a cute "Baby Jesus" party at his preschool where they sang songs to entertain us. He also got to "play" an angel in a live nativity at our church one night. Cade loved watching Rudolph, and singing Christmas carols (even as solos during church!). I think he knew at least one line from every carol we sang!

Both helped make cookies for Santa for his Christmas journey...

Christmas day was spectacular! Hudson got up as usual, came downstairs, looked in our room, and calmly said, "Hey! Santa came to see us last night." It was very cute. Then we had to go get Cade so they could explore everything together. We had the luxury of staying home all day in our pajamas. Family came to visit us at different times, and we enjoyed their company so much. It was very special for the boys to be able to share their Christmas treasures in their own home with their grandparents, great-grandparents, ...

Hope your Christmas was your "merriest" yet!
Happy New Year everyone!