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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cast removal day!

It's cast removal day! The kids have actually ended up wearing the casts about 10 days. They've done really well. The casts honestly haven't slowed them down at all! The trickiest part has been bath time, especially with Callie... We covered the casts in bags, but a two-year-old just doesn't understand to hold  your arm out of the water. It took us both - Howie and me - to bathe her! 
Last cast pictures...
 Playing in the waiting area at Campbell Clinic
 I was a little concerned about how they'd react to the staff member actually using a saw to cut off the cast, but they were fine. Cade was an awesome example and went first without the first bit of hesitation. Callie followed suit, but when she saw the "boo-boo" on her hand... oh my! She lost it! She held her arm up in the air the entire time remaining at the office. She wouldn't let anyone touch it or even look at it!
 Look at that face! So pitiful...
 Callie's "boo-boo"

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